How to Create the Perfect Personalised Gift Box for Her

How to Create the Perfect Personalised Gift Box for Her

We know what it’s like to try and find the perfect gift for someone special. You’ve been to the shops, you’ve been searching for gift ideas, there are loads of pamper sets on the market, but they don’t necessarily contain exactly what you’re looking for.

What if you didn’t have to agonise over choosing just one perfect gift for that special lady in your life? Wouldn’t it be great if you could instead choose a personalised gift box of luxury items, which were perfectly suited to her tastes?

Well, today is your lucky day – this article will guide you through the process of building an exquisite, custom gift box just for her. Plus, some helpful tips about beautiful ways to wrap your gift!

Where to start with a custom gift box for her

It’s likely that you already have a good idea of your special someone's personal tastes. But that doesn’t always make things easier!  There are so many pamper sets and gift baskets on the market.

We know it can get mind boggling sometimes, with almost too much choice, too many offers, and an overwhelming experience when shopping in a store. 

You can narrow down your search by thinking about what she really enjoys doing. For example – if she’s an avid gardener but always complains of dry or rough hands, a gardeners hand care gift set would be an ideal item to include in her pamper box. Accompanying this with other, garden related gifts, would show her that you listen and are in tune with her interests. Getting specific can also help you stay  focused when selecting multiple gifts.

Perfect gift ideas to treat your loved one

But what if your loved one doesn’t have any particular hobbies? You may be sitting there racking your brain, wondering what to buy for her and coming up with nothing.

Gifting can be precarious if you’re buying for someone who doesn’t have any obvious, specific interests. But we can guarantee that everyone loves a treat!

Choosing the right treat is simpler than you think. There are lots of options available from speciality teas, to luxury chocolates or beautifully scented candles.

Showing someone you care by putting together a lovely selection of goodies is a thoughtful act of kindness that will be treasured and remembered for a long time.

The self care gift box

If you’re still struggling for personalised gift box ideas for her, you really can’t go wrong with self care items. Life is hectic and most people don’t put time aside for self care on a regular basis.

Why not create your own gift box for the special woman in your life to encourage her to take some much needed time out? You could include items such as face masks, luxury bath products and candles. If the recipient is your partner, you could even offer to run her a bath to create an indulging, memorable experience.

Create a luxury gift box, to suit your budget

When buying gifts, most people have to work within a budget. You might associate a lot of expense with the words “custom gift box for her”, but there are some super budget-friendly options available and you can make your pennies stretch to create a lovely, personalised pamper box.

Using a step-by-step system whereby you choose your own items, based on your budget can help massively, since you can add up as you go along. At the other end of the spectrum, if budget isn’t an issue, you can go to town with your gift ideas and create a lavish gift box full of inter-related pampering goodies.

Building a custom gift box: Step-by-step instructions

The beauty of creating a custom gift box for her is being able to build it up step by step. You can really take your time to curate items that are especially for her.

Ready made gift baskets are great if you’re in a hurry, but if you want something customised, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your items – select a variety of items to show your love, such as a pretty bracelet, a hanging charm with a loving message, some luxury bath essence and gorgeously scented soap.
  2. Select whether you want a greetings card or gift message to go with your gift box.
  3. Write a special note to go in the card or gift message. Make it unique and personal to show you’ve really thought about her.
  4. Choose whether you want your gift box wrapped for you. Professional wrapping provides the perfect finishing touch for your custom gift box for her.
  5. Have the gift box sent directly to your special lady or ship to yourself to go alongside other gifts.

Wrapping the perfect gift box for her

If you opt to wrap the gift box yourself, you can add your own personal touch. Make sure you select gorgeous wrapping paper – it’s the first thing the recipient will see when you give her the gift.

Fold any rough edges over and inside and use sticky dots or double sided tape to secure the wrapping paper so that it looks super neat. Finally add a glossy or glittery complementary coloured ribbon, and tie it beautifully to add refinement to your gift and make it look extra special.

Creating a personalised gift box for her can be a delightful and loving thing to do. Hopefully, our helpful ideas have given you the inspiration you need to confidently choose the items you know she’ll love.

Seeing the joy on her face when she opens the custom gift box will be all the affirmation you need to know that you made the right choice.